Elastomer Couplings - RJF
The hubs of the standard coupling type can be either solid or have a finished bore, the diameter of which corresponds to any one of the standard shaft diameters.
The grubscrews are located 180° from the key seat.
Both the solid hub and bored hub coupling are generally available from stock for quick delivery.
  Catalogue available upon request via phone call or mail.

This type of coupling permits quick, sure fixing without any shaft-hub backlash.
With the keyless coupling type, the torque applied for tightening down the screws (Ms) must be as given in the table.
The RJ coupling type is available with or without keyway.
  Catalogue available upon request via phone call or mail.
Main applications
JANETECH® couplings are most frequently used with:
• CNC machining centers
• Robotics
• CNC lathes
• AC & DC servo drives
• Woodworking machines
The JANETECH® couplings provide the following advantages:
• "Backlash-free" motion transmission
• Damping (up to 80%) of vibrations from motor shaft
• Low heat and electrical conductivity
• Easy and fast installation
• Perfect balance (SJ & SJP type)
• Low moment of inertia (thanks to compact design and types of materials used)
Operating Temperature Ranges
The operating temperature range for the JANETECH® depends on the type of element. For the 92 Sh. A (yellow), the range is between -40 and +90°C, and for the 98 Sh, A (red), the range is between -30 and +90°C, Peak temperatures as high as 120°C can be tolerated for brief instances.
High operating temperature can cause the elastic element to lose a considerable amount of elasticity, thus substantially lowering the capacity as regards torque.
Therefore, when selecting a coupling, the operating temperature must be carefully considered.


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